Just In Time For The Holidays...

I'm beyond words at how excited we are at One One Eleven Designs, to be one of the featured Artisans at the Zenporium retail location. A selection of our designs can be purchased here, along with smaller items designed and handcrafted by us /// just in time for the holidays. Perfect for gift giving...

Zenporium Furnishings & Accessories is owned and operated by husband and wife, Omar and Serene. The two of them can only be described as the most charming couple in the furniture bizz. With their good looks and endless knowledge of design and wood, purchasing something from them could be nothing short of a pleasurable experience!

Omar and Serene have gone above and beyond ensuring their retail environment is the perfect pallet to showcase their stunning finds and designs that have been carefully selected by them. Dark, warn in floors / white walls / and an abundance of natural light flooding in, makes for the perfect environment for any special piece of handcrafted furniture! 

The most exciting part about meeting Omar and Serene, has to be the similar passion and excitement for wood and environmental concerns that we have. Having someone at the retail level that is excited and exploding with knowledge about points that One One Eleven Designs has been built around, is not only refreshing but very hard to come by… 

To sum up Zenporium, it is a very special place run by extraordinary people. If you don't pay them a visit, you will definitely be missing out!!! Even if you don't walk out of there with a piece of furniture, you will be walking away with an entirely new outlook of what wood is really all about. You will have more knowledge of what kind of lifestyle you'll be buying into when purchasing Salvaged / Re-Claimed items and the impact WE can make when choosing to purchase these types of items. Understanding and passing on this info is not only key, but also a really beautiful way to live your life:)

Talking about Zenporium will never do them justice… Please Please go and visit them, you will not be sorry! 

Zenporium Furnishings & Accessories location is: 998 Queen Street East, Toronto. (right in the heart of Leslieville) 



Castle And Park Urban Vintage Interiors...

I was recently introduced to an inspiring business woman through a mutual friend. Melanie Karas / Owner of the extraordinary shop, Castle And Park Urban Vintage Interiors in Barrie Ontario.

Melanie has recently welcomed the One One Eleven Designs collection of furniture into her eclectic shop, and we are so very excited to be a part of her trendy new business.

Castle And Park can only be described as a beautiful gem... Attracting young 30 somethings in the design and decor world / Melanie is really mindful of the vintage items she displays. The pairings of what she has chosen to merchandise, is a mix and match of old and new. Modern meets urban vintage is exactly what this place is! There is something for everyone here, if you're on the low end of some small vintage prints, or on the high end of some designer vintage finds you're sure to find it here!!! The off set of our One One Eleven Designs to the trendy vintage accessories, is the perfect pair in our books!!!

We invite you to visit Melanie at Castle And Park for your home decorating needs, or maybe just a leisurely enjoyable Sunday afternoon shopping experience:) They're located on 113 Bayfield St in Barrie.  Visit the website and Facebook page, Melanie frequently updates with pictures of new finds.

Thank you Mel, for liking us enough to want to have us in your world. We're proud to be a part of it!


x Aimee

What A Pleasure...

No introduction needed, Leishman Pottery has been around since 1975. The founders are a husband and wife team, Mike and Connie Leishman. One of their 3 daughters, Ivy Martin has also joined the dynamic duo as a potter and assisting in broadening the brand.

The Leishman brand has strong Canadian roots with collections like 'The Georgian Bay Pine' / 'The Spruce' and a large 'Canadian Wildlife' selection. All pottery has been hand-crafted in their old iconic, 100 year old school house in Stayner Ontario.

I fell in love with the rustic / elegance of Leishman pottery the first time I set eyes on the one of a kind pieces of art. Being friends of the family has allowed me into the everyday lives of the Lieshman's, and opening my eyes to how being an Artist and doing what you love can be so rewarding...

We at One One Eleven Designs, have the pleasure of adding some of the Leishman Pottery pieces into our wood collection of serving platters. Sets are available to purchase on our site, or you have the option of contacting us for special requests or custom orders.

If you would like to see more of the Leishman Pottery Collection, please visit them on their website or visit them at the School House located on Concession 9, in Stayner Ontario. 

x Aimee

New Ventures...

As you can see, our website is undergoing some construction, as we venture out on our newest business project / One One Eleven Designs.

We give much love and thanks to an incredibly talented Toronto based Photographer / Tara Noelle of Tara Noelle Photography. Our website wouldn't look so fantastic  without her perspective on how she portrays our pieces! We will continue to utilize her talent, and we encourage others to seek her out also...

Much Love To Tara :):):)

x Aimee