Castle And Park Urban Vintage Interiors...

I was recently introduced to an inspiring business woman through a mutual friend. Melanie Karas / Owner of the extraordinary shop, Castle And Park Urban Vintage Interiors in Barrie Ontario.

Melanie has recently welcomed the One One Eleven Designs collection of furniture into her eclectic shop, and we are so very excited to be a part of her trendy new business.

Castle And Park can only be described as a beautiful gem... Attracting young 30 somethings in the design and decor world / Melanie is really mindful of the vintage items she displays. The pairings of what she has chosen to merchandise, is a mix and match of old and new. Modern meets urban vintage is exactly what this place is! There is something for everyone here, if you're on the low end of some small vintage prints, or on the high end of some designer vintage finds you're sure to find it here!!! The off set of our One One Eleven Designs to the trendy vintage accessories, is the perfect pair in our books!!!

We invite you to visit Melanie at Castle And Park for your home decorating needs, or maybe just a leisurely enjoyable Sunday afternoon shopping experience:) They're located on 113 Bayfield St in Barrie.  Visit the website and Facebook page, Melanie frequently updates with pictures of new finds.

Thank you Mel, for liking us enough to want to have us in your world. We're proud to be a part of it! 

x Aimee