1. Question: How do I request for a consultation?

Answer: Email us. Include in your email some details of what you're requesting a consultation for. (ex. barn-board coffee table / maple side table / live edge dining table... etc.) We will schedule a time that works best for you to discuss dimensions, types of wood and the space where the piece will be living.

2. Question: How do I purchase items that i've seen on social media or second parties that sell your pieces?

Answer: Simply email us with the details of what specific item you've seen. We will work with you to design and create a similar piece. Please note, no piece is 100% the same! Everything is custom and made to order, based on the Salvaged woods currently available.

3. Question: Do you use exotic woods or import any woods from other parts of the world? 

Answer: No, we only deal with Salvaged and Re-Claimed woods! We only use woods from Canada.

4. Question: Can you design legs or a frame that needs to be welded, or do you just make wooden legs?

Answer: We can design and create all sorts of styles of legs. 95% of the frames and legs we make for clients are welded and powder coated!

5. Question: Can you powder coat legs in different colours?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! We welcome requests that are outside of the box. We're open for colour suggestions!

6. Question: If I like something for sale on your website, but I need different dimensions, can you make it?

Answer: We sure can! Infact, we prefer to custom make the items for our clients! This way you're part of the decision making and design process. 

7. Question: You made a table for a friend of mine and I fell in love with it... The price she paid would be outside of my budget, but could you make something similar and still work within my budget?

Answer: Yes. We have yet to turn a client away because of budget!!! Although working with Salvaged woods can be a little more expensive than milled woods, we will always try our best to meet our clients needs, no matter how small or large the budget!

8. Question: Are you open to doing large projects, like a new restaurant?

Answer: Yes we are, no project is too big! We would love to be involved in any new adventures. 

9. Question: What method of payments do you accept?

Answer: We accept cash, cheques, e-transfers and all major credit cards.